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August 2016


As a so-called "transition singer", our Alexx used his time with BONFIRE to sing himself into the hearts of the fans and the band members. Therefore, the musicians around band founder Hans Ziller decided to undertake Alexx permanently as the new Bonfire singer!

Now that Alexx is the official singer for BONFIRE, we have no reason to carry on as MASTERS OF DISGUISE... NOT!!!
While Alexx is touring with the Bonfire guys, the Masters are writing new speed metal hymns to be recorded later this year. Although MOD's live activities in 2017 might be affected by Bonfire's tight tour schedule, there are no plans to back off in any way.
We will be releasing our third full length album in early 2017 and Knutson will finally conquer the world, HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

July 2016


Our vocalist Alexx will help out BONFIRE on various dates between July and September.
It is a great honour to be asked to perform the timeless classics of one of the big 80s German rockbands that we all know so well. So are you Ready For Reaction?

08.07. D - Markneukirchen - Framus-Warwick-Musichall
09.07. D - Horn - Bad Meinberg Open Air
22.07. D - Pförring Open Air
23.07. D - Fritzlar - Rock am Stück Open Air
28.07. D - Brande-Hörnerkirchen - Headbangers Open Air
05.08. CH - Gossau - Rock on Open Air
13.08. D - Affalterbach - 7 Eichen Open Air
14.08. D - Bellenberg Open Air
02.09. D - Lüdenscheid - Dahlmanns-Club
23.09. D - Kiel - Räucherei
24.09. D - Bartenshagen-Parkentin - Kutscher Festival with T-Rex & Iron Horses
29.09. D - Nürnberg - Hirsch

April 2016

New EP!

Before recording our third regular album we wanted to kinda welcome our new guitar hero Wolle and try some things out. Somehow we felt the urge to show our mild predilection for a distinct time and music scene. Of course we're talking about the 80s, and of course we're talking about US Metal.

So we picked some of our favourite songs and out came a fine selection of US (Speed) Metal classics which will be released on 10th of May as an EP entitled:


Due to the numerous inquiries, we'd like to point out that this personally numbered EP is only available by the band (via our websites and on tour) and from few selected mail order companies.

We wanted it to be as much "underground" as possible and one side effect is that "The Fine Art Of Aging Gracefully" has the potential to be a sought-after collector's item soon.


January 2015


Official Teaser to the forthcoming album "The Savage And The Grace"! The album is to be released on Feb. 20th, 2015.

Wanna listen to the new songs? Then you can do it here.
Click on the picture and enjoy!

January 2015


Through veils of darkness we travelled and feared no pain nor despair....
And we are very proud to annunciate the news:
the quest is over! MASTERS OF DISGUISE have completed again!

Welcome Officer Wolfgang Buchinger on guitar!

January 2015


Masters of Disguise will support US-Metal Legend OMEN on their HAMMER DAMAGE TOUR in March 2015!

In March 2015 OMEN play a European tour to promote their new album "Hammer Damage". MASTERS OF DISGUISE will support them and heat you guys up with songs from the debut "Back With A Vengeance" and the brand new album "The Savage And The Grace".

This Power Metal offensive you should not miss!

The tour dates so far:

12.03.15 Jam - Koblenz (D)
13.03.15 Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)
14.03.15 German SwordBrothers Festival - Lünen (D)
15.03.15 UJT - Uelsen (D)
16.03.15 7er Club - Mannheim (D)
20.03.15 Schlachthaus - Dornbirn (A)
22.03.15 Rockfesthall - Hamme (B)

December 2014


Knutson recently returned from Limb Music where he settled the final details for the second MASTERS OF DISGUISE Album, which will be called "THE SAVAGE AND THE GRACE"!

The release is scheduled for February 20th, 2015.
Knutson informed us that you can already pre-order the album via 

Be part of the Album Release Party on February 21st, 2015 at Oberhaus Alzey! (see tour dates)
Experience MASTERS OF DISGUISE live on stage, meet the guys and get your personally signed copy of "The Savage And The Grace"!
Support: CRUSADER - the legendary SAXON Tribute Band!

December 2014


Knutson just released Mr. Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner and Mr. Kai Stahlenberg from the depths of pain and terror (aka Kohlekeller Studio) where they have been tortured for several days and finally came up with the best work they've ever done. Yes, the new album is finished. Completely.

At the moment Knutson is on his way up north to Limb Music, providing them with everything they need to release the successor to the highly acclaimed and successful debut BACK WITH A VENGEANCE. And the new album will be called... but that's another story. Stay tuned, more news will be revealed soon.

Thank YOU for your support, and thanks to everybody involved in the making of the album. It was a work of sweat, blood and tears, but it was worth every drop of it.

Heavy greetings from Mr. Stahl, Mr. Coldsmith, Mr. Lang and Mr. Gellner

November 2014

The recordings for the new album continue....

Knutson wants to tell you guys out there that he arrested Mr. Coldsmith and Mr. Lang in his own dungeons to wear them slowly down aka "guitar recording". Meanwhile, Knutson got Mr. Stahl by the balls, making sure that he screams enough while recording the vocal tracks for the successor of the highly acclaimed debut "Back With A Vengeance".

But let's see how Mr. Gellner assesses the situation:

"The recording sessions are still in progress, but unfortunately delayed due to numerous restricted conditions of probation. After Mr. Dequis quit his duties, Mr. Coldsmith decided to contribute all guitar parts, and he is nearing completion. Mr. Lang will lay down the bass guitar tracks by the end of this week, subsequently Mr. Stahl's Vocals will be recorded. As we anticipate no further detentions the recordings will be finished by mid-December and the new, yet untitled album is scheduled for a release in February 2015. Nevertheless, the band will not continue as a four piece - the employment of a new officer is under way."

...album cover
under construction...

September 2014

The recordings for the new album have begun!

Knutson wants to inform you guys out there that he has just released the band from the cellar where he locked them up for the songwriting of the new album!

On September 30th, he sent the band to the Kohlekeller studios where they began with the recordings for the successor to the highly acclaimed debut "Back With A Vengeance". Mr. Gellner has recently finished his duties and next week, Mr. Coldsmith will start recording the guitars. Stay tuned, Knutson will keep you up to date with the latest news!

recording recording
recording recording

July 2014

MASTERS OF DISGUISE now on black and white VINYL - Limited to 250 pcs. each!

April 2014

Please welcome our Officer Jens Gellner!

Knutson wants to inform you guys out there that Neudi can not be part of MASTERS OF DISGUISE any longer. His commitment to MANILLA ROAD makes it impossible for him to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, in addition to his further engagement in ROXXCALIBUR.

But Knutson found a seriously good replacement: Officer Jens Gellner, who already took over the duties for the past MASTERS OF DISGUISE shows, will now be the permanent drummer in MASTERS OF DISGUISE!

Cheers, buddy!!!
Jens Gellner

January 2014

It can't get much better:

now in the current/new ROCK HARD Germany issue (February 2014):
- #4 in "Soundcheck" (rating of new releases)
- "Back With A Vengeance" was evaluated 8,5 points out of 10
- "Back With A Vengeance" is in the "10 x Dynamite" section (CDs of the Month)

Click on the image
for a larger view

October 2013

Official music video now online

"For Now And All Time (Knutson's Return)"

with Horst Krebs and Teresa Habereder
Director: Patrik Gölz
DOP: Heiko Gabriel
Production company: PADDEFILM, BERLIN
For Now And All Time Besucherzähler